First Day of School

Back to school!


Where learning is always an adventure!

 We hope everyone had a wonderful summer break! We look forward to having everyone back on campus! And don't forget your water bottles!

our mission


August 19th!

We take pride in our place in the canyon, our long, colorful history and our small size. As we celebrate our 100th year of continual operation as a one-room school house, we are renewing our commitment to serving the children of McElmo Canyon and the surrounding areas. It is our mission to bring freedom of choice in education to all children in a tuition-free, public school atmosphere. We believe that having choice is essential as it empowers and engages. It is our mission to urge our students along the path to becoming responsible, active, compassionate, creative, and highly motivated members of our society. We seek to do this through connecting our students to their landscape, to their communities, to the larger world and to themselves. Our children are growing up in a global society, and we believe we have a responsibility to help them understand what that means and learn to navigate cultural differences in positive ways.

We seek to create an atmosphere of mutual respect where learning is understood as exploration: an atmosphere where getting it 'right' is less important than not giving up.

It is our mission that our sixth graders leave the canyon with a strong academic base, with well-rooted social emotional intelligence, with a passion for community service that will continue throughout their lives, with a hands-on understanding of where our food comes from and how to make good choices when it comes to their personal health, and with the confidence to ask questions and seek out answers.